Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Targets not rabbits shock

Making sure my zero was still in, I sat down and popped six shots thirty-five yards across a field onto a home-made target. All six shots fell within a one-inch group.

So then I walked the fields for a couple of hours and - pleasant as it was - came home with nothing. Well, that's not true; nothing but a couple of giant, Shaggy Parasol mushrooms - which were, actually, very tasty.

I wasn't the only one scouring the fields. A couple of teens were out diligently looking for mushrooms of an entirely different order. Nothing on earth could make me scoff those damn things (again).


  1. Checked out your bio. Strange mix - hunting and animal rights. I'm curious; would you mind elaborating?

  2. The keyword is there in my blogger bio because I'm interested in animal rights organisations - I've written here about PeTA quite a few times (though not recently).

    To a lesser extent I'm also interested in the notion of animal rights and the - to my mind - curious ways that the idea is often bolstered or constructed.

  3. So are you in favor of animal rights, or are you just trying to see what makes PETA-types tick?

  4. Hi Gorges,

    I don't think it makes sense to me to understand animals as having rights, since rights are as such only under law - and to my mind it's only humans that are (or could ever be) subjects under the law.

    I'm not sure there's exactly such a thing as a PeTA type. In may ways I used to share their thinking (back in my Western-Buddhist youth) but I've certainly changed my mind about things since then...

  5. Thanks for your replies. I wasn't spoiling for a fight or anything (though I'm a dedicated carnivore), I just like to find out what makes EVERYBODY tick! I'm strange that way. I really enjoy your posts!

  6. I think to enjoy what we do, we need to understand and respect what we do. I hate mindless killing, and will not kill for the sake, everything I hunt and shoot ends up on a table as a meal somehow.
    The enjoyment of hunting these days is totally different from the past, it isn't nescessity, but we can't let it get to a stage that offends to many others. Yes we have the nutcases who can't seem to understand the Ethos of meat eating, but we also have those that sit on the fence and watch. Those are the ones who we need to help embrace the idea, as those are the ones who become allies!!
    Sorry to go off thread slightly, but I do love my sport!!