Thursday, 6 May 2010

Stewing with Prunes and Election Dread

Up at bloody 6am today; the thought of the damn Tories getting back into power startling me awake after a scant five-hour snooze. Bleary-eyed and itching with Election Day irritability; what's to do? Well, there's a rabbit that needs to be butchered and cooked for a start so have a roll-up, a bucket of coffee and get on with it. Bugger the Tories.

Make a stock with the bones and a pile of thyme, bay and rosemary from the window-box; splash in a bit of Balsamic and a quarter-bottle of Red that was lying around; slop a dollop of Agave Nectar in there as well to offset the sharpness of the vinegar.

Fry the meat in sunflower oil till golden, then coat in rye flour and seasoning and bake in a hot oven for a wee while (no idea why really, just seemed like a good idea). No more oil left so fry onion in butter and add more herbs, carrots and spuds chopped peasant-style, i.e, barely chopped at all.

Separate stock from herby carcass. Add to now-golden fried onions with veg, meat, a handful of prunes and salt 'n pepper too. Stew at a just-simmering roil for a fair old while - maybe an hour and a half.

Later I'll fry the liver and kidneys in butter and add just before serving. My local Labour M.P is a chap called 'Kidney' as it happens, so, still knackered and woozy, I'm off out to vote for him.

Tomorrow, we may wake with a groan to find that the nation has looked to the boys from the Bullingdon Club for 'leadership'. God help us all.