Monday, 18 October 2010

First time on new permission.

A leisurely stroll across the peaceful acres of my unexpected new permission? Spotting fruitful sites for rabbiting reference whilst taking in the cool, still Autumn evening air?

No. Evil cows from hell chase me, corner me & then force me to flee for my life through a hawthorn hedge - whereupon I drop five foot down the side of a steep bank and am dumped, wild-eyed, leaf-strewn and disheveled, straight into the path of a whippet-thin rural jogger.

'Ah!' I exclaim, 'Hello!'

He swerves a little but doesn't break his stride, 'Evening'...


  1. Good one! I rcall a similar incident in my youth in West Sussex when rounding the corner of a hedge row I came face to face with a bull!
    Glad you survived.

  2. The ever so brainy cow.....NOT!! Everyones worst nightmare, they see you, they charge and you run!!

  3. I think the cows were just curious and meant no harm. You should have stood your ground.

    It's nice to meet someone who asks permission these days...most just assume permission is granted.

  4. Oh, and thanks for the visit and gracious comment you left on my blog. Do return any time.