Sunday, 24 October 2010

Clothes make the man

In the shops today, trying to buy clothes. Can't do it. Can't spend £35 on a bloody jumper. Seems stupid. Jumpers come from charity shops and cost £3.50. Everything else is just wrong.

I have an interview this week and I need - or I think I need - to look like someone who does not spend a good deal of nearly every day sat underneath a hedge; need to show up wearing trousers that haven't had the arse ripped out on barbed wire.

Thing is, charity shop clothing assembles itself in its own good time - it doesn't show up according to a timetable. And a timetable is what I have: 'Look less like a tramp by Friday', is what it says.


  1. Be glad you're thin enough to buy used clothing. When you're a lard bucket like me, new is the only choice.

  2. God bless you; I've got an interview this week, too, and I'm feeling the same pressure.

  3. Everything these days are expensive, after a long time of not buying new, and like you always buying from Army Surplus and Age Concern, I had to buy a pair of pants and a shirt for a wedding do.......I couldn't believe the prices when I saw them.....and they are putting VAT up to 20% its going to get worse.
    Time to try nudism!!!!!!

  4. How about a rabbit fur suit? With big, floppy ears? They'll have to hire you. They can't discriminate against someone wearing a rabbit suit.