Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Camper Van Bicycle

I've had a bizarre idea now for about a year (one of a number, it has to be said) concerning the adaptation of a bicycle into a kind of mobile home. Obviously, this makes no sense at all: why not simply put a tent in a pannier, ride to one's destination and erect said canvas dwelling? Much more sensible. Nonetheless the idea (as bizarre ideas are wont to) persisted.

Browsing the interweb the other day I was very startled to chance upon this image:

The very thing I'd imagined! How extraordinary!

Investigation, however, revealed that this is a 'sculptural art object' fabricated by a gentleman called Kevin Cyr (more details here).

Shame! I'd really like one.

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  1. i can see a project coming on ;)

  2. Ha ha ..that amazing...worry about hills though

  3. Office adjoins council fields and traveller's van parked outside.

    That shape entirely, but a camper, with a scooter and 2 bicycles lashed on the back.

    I envied the lifestyle. 8-)

  4. How is this coming along for you? I arrived here because I, too, am interested in the Camper Van Bicycle notion.