Thursday, 8 October 2009


  • A bracing, heart-expanding Autumn evening; I stride briskly to the fields at dusk and sit motionless behind a stile for half an hour. In the distance, I can see scampering brown blobs but, near at hand, nothing stirs.
  • I get up and walk down the fence line; a cold mist is rising off the fields; it is, I realise, damn cold.
  • I shiver and - ninja-like, except for copious nose-blowing and snuff ingestion - continue to edge down the field.
  • I shiver more and realise that I am actually on the brink of hypothermia. Striding vigorously about and admiring the Autumn is all well and good, sitting motionless on the ground in a field is another matter entirely.
  • Rather than perish in a chilly field I elect to knock hunting on the head and go home to get warm.


  1. HH,

    Time to invest in some warmer garments! Then bunnies come out in the cold to you know!

    Best regards,

  2. I feel for you however I'll be putting the thermals away soon. Here in Southern AUS. spring weather is emerging and the rabbit population is on the rise again. After the winter quiet I got 4 from 7 shots last weekend with the 223. It's a little heavy handed but still managed to retain 2 1/2 of them for the pot.

  3. HH,
    Time to break out the woolies...

  4. cover yourself in goose fat and sew yourself into your undergarments 'till Spring :-D