Thursday, 3 September 2009

L'Atelier Vert - Rabbit Recipes

Just came across these involved but rather fine looking French recipies for rabbit on the site L'Atelier Vert:

Farm rabbit cooked like game

Daube of rabbit with rosé, lavender honey and thyme blossoms

Fricasée of rabbit with glazed onions, honey, and lavender

Rabbit braised with artichokes

Rabbit with mustard sauce

The only thing I'd quibble with about any of these very tasty looking recipes is the piece of advice that's given after one of them: "If you know a rabbit farmer, make sure to patronize him or her."

Well, no; be nice to rabbit farmers, that's my suggestion.


  1. bugger the rabbit recipes i WANT that 'Provençal silverware holder' for just $170.10 and all the other pots and a large provencal kitchen and france cause they still HAVE an identity >:o

  2. Been a few days.....  Are you ok?  Speak to us man or send up a flair!