Sunday, 27 September 2009

Festival of Breaking Things

I managed to crack a window in my flat a couple of days ago. I had a panel of double-glazing in one room which had filled up with condensation because the seals had broken. I decided that drilling a little hole through the glass to try and let the water vapour out might be a good idea. So, about a month back, I used a little diamond drill bit and - making sure it didn't get too hot while drilling - managed to put the hole in without any problems. The hole in place, I left it to see if the condensation would evaporate and the window return to transparency.

Weeks passed and nothing happened so I decided to enlarge the hole. Again, I did it carefully and made the hole a little bit bigger. Then I thought, 'I know, I'll get a fan heater, blow some hot air through the hole and see if I can't drive out some of the condensation that way'.

After thirty seconds of that, of course - ping! - the window cracked.

I cursed myself for foolishness and then sat around in a funk.

Soon bored with funk, I thought I'd go out and do a bit of shooting. On my way out of the flat I propped my bagged rifle up against the door frame while I grabbed my jacket and - bugger! - it promptly fell to one side, straight down onto the scope, bent the 50 millimetre end-lens housing out of true and cracked the central tube.

So, the scope's on E-bay, I'm on the look out for a nice, tasteful window sticker and I've gone back to shooting with iron sights.
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  1. Well I can't help with the window, or with your donate button, but I do have a more functional scope I can donate if you want it?!

    It's a Rhino 6-24x50 and was on my .22 rimfire until the cross hair 'tilted'! Annoyingly, that is the only real fault which means that it tends to make you tilt the rifle and you can't use the cross hair to aim above or below precisely... BUT - it does hold zero and the centre of the cross hair is all you need as long as you remember the 'cant' of the reticle.

    Yours if you want it, as it's just sat on my shelf gathering dust. It's only 3 months old too! :(

  2. This is really very kind of you, Fred, I'm touched.

    But surely it's still under warranty? Can't you send it back yourself and get it replaced?

  3. Nope - I tried that, and it was REALLY annoying! The guy wouldn't budge and I got it off ebay so there was no recourse - it was listed as 'New' but that's apparantly not the same as 'New'?!

    But it's not great, it is funtional though and is really going to be better than open sights! I've been there and it's not a happy place..

    It's just something that may help in the meantime while you get a replacement scope.

    ...just please don't buy a hawke?!!!?

  4. Sorry for the delay in responding, I think I've got this damn flu thing. Dripping snot and sleeping all day.

    Bad luck with the Ebay seller 'guarantee' - bugger.

    If I had the money I spent on the Hawke - and knowing what I know now - I think I'd probably try to get a second-hand MTC scope. Though this might be about as easy as getting some rocking horse poo...

    I'd be very pleased to provide a new home for your Rhino though, Fred. Once again, it's very kind of you to make the offer. Please let me pay the postage. If you email me at I'll send you my address.

    Thanks again,