Thursday, 23 April 2009

Soaking Rabbit Picture!

Here's a picture of a rabbit that I've shot, gutted, partially butchered and left to soak overnight in a tub of water that's had vinegar and salt added to it.

I didn't post it when I took it because I was worried that this might be too visceral an image; too strong or disturbing. Also, there's the sink, a bottle of bleach, the taps - it's all a bit too real...


  1. Nothing wrong here, good composition, obvious statement.

    Food being prepared.

    Looks ok to me.

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  2. I buy meat wrapped in polythene. That's a lot grosser if you think about it.

    Does the vinegar tenderize the meat?

    (I used to be a butcher, so not much grosses me out...)


  3. Soaking overnight - in salty water or water with vinegar - is supposed to do all sorts of good things to the meat. And, the two times I've done this, I'd have to agree that the resulting dishes did feature unusually tender and delicious rabbit meat...

  4. Do you have any closeups of what the tapeworm cyst has inside it?  Eggs,  tapeworm heads, etc?