Saturday, 27 June 2009

A Conversation with the Local Game Dealer

These guys live just down the road from me; I took a snap of them while I was trying to catch the farm owner and see if I could hunt on his land - but he wasn't there. I carried on up the road on my bike and popped in at a local game dealers. I asked them if they wanted any rabbits.

'Rabbits!' he said, 'Gordon Bennett, no! We've got two hundred rabbits in the freezer at the moment! Who wants to eat rabbit stew in this weather?'

'Ah, well, O.K' I said.

'But come back in the season', he went on, 'in Autumn - and we'll take all the rabbits you can give us'.

'Oh, O.K, great!' I said, 'I will!'.

'They got to be bullet shot, mind, people don't want to be spitting out shotgun pellets these days...!'

'No problem',
I said, 'no problem. I've only got an air rifle...'

cycled away happy; it's nice to know that, come the Autumn, I can trade rabbits for a few quid or the odd pork chop.

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  1. ..."'No problem', I said, 'no problem. I've only got an air rifle...'"...

    Come on Hubert, don't apologize, air rifles are cool. Try this one next time;

    "No problem", I said boldly, "No problem at all, I shoot an air rifle..."

    Nice picture of the bovines.