Thursday, 21 May 2009

Five photographs from an afternoon's hunting.

Junk in the abandoned orchard where I sat today for hours, enjoying being out of my damn flat and in the glory of the late Spring afternoon.

The Tom Buck snuff thanks to which I became well and truly toffee-nosed today.

Beautiful lichen on the branch of a tree.

More of same but with exuberant and glorious, fresh leaves.

I signed my name - after a piece of hunting stupidity - on the bough of a fallen tree as a reminder not to be such a daft, careless git in the future.


  1. Nice work HH.

    Like the shadow in pic 1.

    Of course we would like to here the story behind "Fool."

    The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles.
    How to Support Animal Rights Groups. Not!

  2. Hiya Albert,

    Well, first off, I took one shot at a rabbit I had clear in the crosshair, but - forgetting like a fool that the scope is two inches above the barrel - hit a branch about a foot from the end of the rifle instead causing a ricochet that bounced up into the tree above my head. It could just as easily, of course, have come back and taken my damn eye out (or worse, conceivably).

    After this I took a walk and shot a rabbit which I thought to be a small one but which, in fact, turned out to be a very small one - again, through the scope, it just looked like a rabbit that was in range.

    Two cases in one day of being scope-bound and dangerously innattentive.

    Ah well, I did feel a fool for a while - but it was such a beautiful day here that even my self-reproach boiled off soon enough in the sun. Today, it's overcast and trying to rain. I may go out anyway, since if I don't I'll just stay in and OD on snuff and argumentative online forums (two of my addictions).

    I hope the world is well with you in Florida?