Monday, 6 September 2010

Hope Bourne Obituary

"A small but wiry figure, she was often seen in pursuit of wood pigeon, deer, rabbit or hare, wielding her American-made .22 rifle or 12-bore shotgun – "What one didn't get, t'other did," she would say. To feed herself, as well as shooting for the pot, she fished and grew vegetables. She ate 1lb of meat a day (some of which was none too fresh) and drank from a stream."

Complete obituary of this remarkable woman here.


  1. Kind of UK's version of Dick Proeneke... neat story Hubert. Thanks.

  2. Bit like you really, only better looking ;-)

  3. A sad loss Hubert, the world is less bright when spirits like her's depart.

  4. Gah, my former comment didn't go through.

    Love the article, the lady is now on my short list of heroes, and I reposted your link to my FB page.


  5. Thanks folks, I've been happy that people have responded with such warmth to the obituary of this extraordinary woman. I'm only sorry that I didn't find out about her while she was alive.

    (I knew you'd like her, Holly!)


  6. i think thats how we all should be again not all this junk cell phones videogame that all the kids play now instead of learnin how to provide for yourself and family thats whats killin us off the face of the earth my hats off to ya wish we had more like ya humanity needs it i dont even know ya but you would be welcomed at my campfire anytime