Monday, 18 January 2010

Nothing stirred

I went out today and sat in the suddenly snow-free abandoned orchard and waited while late afternoon turned into early evening. I saw rabbits, certainly I did; about fifty yards away they were, which is to say, too far away for me to shoot at.

I also saw a field mouse scampering along a fallen branch in front of me and a buzzard - seemingly without a single flap of its wings - coast right across the field in one great swoop. I watched a robin skip around me, inquisitive; I saw a traffic jam develop, persist and then eventually dissolve on the motorway at the end of the fields - all while I sat and silently stared at a stretch of grass in which exactly nothing stirred.


  1. AKA Angrywhiteman18 January 2010 at 12:55

    Sounds like a good evening.

    Thanks for the twitter slam.

  2. sounds like a good day - I don't get the point about twitter.  It must be important for some reason - I just can't figure out why.