Thursday, 31 December 2009


I've just come back from spending a snowy Christmas with friends near Newport on Tay where I had the joy of seeing, for the first time in my life, hares racing about in the fields.

Snowy fields near Newport-on-Tay

The turn of the year seems like a good time to send out my thanks; I started blogging here about air rifle hunting & shooting on February 9th this year and this will be post 134; the blog has received 13,832 visits and 25,117 pages views so far. I've certainly very much enjoyed my end of things - writing and fiddling with photo's - but this amounts to little compared to the pleasure I've had from all the comments, responses and feedback to the blog. So I thought this would be a good time to express my gratitude.

My thanks go in particular to:

Albert A Rasch (currently in Afghanistan), for his generous and enthusiastic support both for this blog and for the life of the Hunter-Blogger community in general.

The Suburban Bushwacker - the premier UK Hunter-Blogger! - for his links, comments and the pleasure of the conversations we've had.

NorCal Cazadora - Mighty Queen of the Hunter-Bloggers! - it's an honour to be on y'r blogroll, ma'am!

Mungo Says Bah! - Thanks for your links and support and the pleasure that your always-delightful photography has given me.

Thomas - I faintly suspect that, were I in the States, my voting choices wouldn't meet with your unqualified approval - but your kindness, comments and emails have greatly enlivened this blog, broadened my outlook, sharpened my knives and improved my shooting.

Fred - many thanks for that Rhino Scope you were kind enough to send me. I've been such a lazy bugger of late that - and I'm embarrassed about this - I've yet to use it in the field. But that day will come, and soon, I'm sure.

Tony of Sandwell Field Sports (probably the best gun shop in the UK) - for tuning my old HW80k - it's a different gun thanks to you and I'm very much looking forwards to the barrel work you've suggested.

Many thanks for the comradely links and support from James Marchington, Harris' Hawk blog, Wandering Owl Outside, Wildcat Outdoors, Backyard Safari, Hodgeman, Lone Star Parson and Murphyfish.

To those that have hit the 'Donate' button on the left: You know who you are - please know also my very sincere thanks to you.

To those who've clicked the ads on the blog: Google Adsense quite rightly forbids me from encouraging you, but it can't stop me thanking you!

Thanks, cheers, and a Happy New Year to you all!


  1. Happy New Year - hugely enjoyable blog what you write.


  2. The Suburban Bushwacker31 December 2009 at 22:19

    Happy New year fella

    Love your blog, just wish you'd post a bit more often O:-)

    Hope to catch up with you in '10 so we can bushwhack some rabbits for a stew.

  3. I love to see hares about the place. I saw one up at Elm Cottage just before xmas, & had not seen one for ages.
    I hope you had a good xmas. We unfortunately were called to Mount Morgan in Queensland a week before xmas where it was hot and horrible!
    We are now back in our forest in New England though and very glad to be home.
    All the best for the new year, regards, Le Loup.

  4. Enjoy reading your thoughts.  Keep it up and happy new year!

  5. Thanks LSP, SBW, Le Loup ad Doug! A happy and bountiful new year to each & all!

  6. Hey glad to help out with the scope - it's good to recycle!!

    Some great posts too of late, keep up the good work :-D