Friday, 28 August 2009

Bullet Points: Three Days of Hunting

  • Today I went to a public library and downloaded seven-hundred-odd meg of a Linux operating system to a memory stick while a lot of kids mucked about around me on the computers and when I got the memory stick home I discovered that I'd made a cock up of transferring the file and so the damn thing wouldn't burn to disc properly.
  • I haven't eaten any rabbit today.
  • I haven't gone shooting today.
  • It's pouring down with rain here today.
  • I did go shooting yesterday.
  • I missed.
  • Twice, I missed.
  • I did find another puffball - but not, it seemed, before a whole lot of little burrowing insects had found it first.
  • I did see an adorable baby cow in a field and I wished I had my camera with me.
  • I did also clamber through a small hole in a prickly hedge in a blind panic when a herd of cows surprised me by suddenly coming into the field where I was quietly stalking.
  • They scare the crap out of me, cows, they really do.
  • I went out shooting three days ago and I did get a rabbit (after a particularly satisfying bit of stalking and shooting the complexity of which I'm afraid I lack the stamina to describe right now) and I cooked it with rice, veg and some Saffron I found in the cupboard and, afterwards - although I scoffed the lot of course - I did slightly wish I hadn't put the Saffron in since I'd forgotten that, as well as the nice colour that's produced by the addition of this stuff to food it also adds the taste of Saffron as well and that, I discovered, is a taste I'm not that keen on.
  • Hopefully, tomorrow, it won't rain.
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1 comment:

  1. Cows scare me too... maybe that's karma for all the steak I've eaten.

    I'll keep eating it though.