Monday, 30 March 2009

Hunter/Blogger: From Where?

One of the pleasures of Blogging - for me, anyhow - is peering at the Sitemeter breakdowns of the locations on the planet from where people have been reading the blog. This goes so far as to record the towns and in some cases, institutions (secure ones, I'd imagine) from which readers hail - it's quite remarkable! So I've been peering at this and thinking ah yes, here's Mr. or Ms. X from such-and-such an Agricultural College here again this morning for - how long? - ah, yes: one minute and thirty-five seconds! Wonderful!

One this morning gave me a smile and I thought I would, as they say, share it. Especially for a blog that concerns itself so much with the vagaries of (compared to the sleek marvels of the pre-charged pneumatic era, anyway) stone-age air-rifles like mine, it's particularly pleasing to find that I've had a passing reader from a place called "Dripping Springs, Texas".

Beautiful. Good morning, Dripping Springs!


  1. Back at ya from Drippin'. I don't actually live there but it's the nearest town as far as mailing address/Post Office. We've got plenty of wabbits of cotton tail and jackwabbit variety if you ever drift this way. I've got plenty of air rifles and .22LRs as well as a compound with field points for wabbit purposes that have been known to be loaned to fellow hunters.

    I find you an interesting antipodean read and added you to my guns and stuff blogroll, if you don't mind. Believe I found you by way of Albert Rasch, and then Suburban Bushwacker, if it matters.


  2. Dear Tom,

    It's tremendously kind of you to say hello! You can be absolutely assured that I'd be delighted to say hello if I ever found myself in the vicinity of Dripping Springs!