Tuesday, 2 November 2010

'Nother day.

Cycled to the tiny but rather lovely Newlands Wood 'twixt Penkridge and Huntingdon yesterday.

I was out looking for a few late boletes to fry up. No luck, but I did find this inedible but attractive bit of coral fungi - 'Golden Spindles', I think, 'Clavulinopsis fusiformis'.

I cycled towards home down the canal path...

...and then stumbled upon my next-door neighbour & the canal boat he's doing up.

I then rode on and had a look round Acton Trussell Churchyard...

(spent a while thinking the stuff you inevitably think in churchyards) & then pedaled home to scoff the last of the day before yesterday's rabbit stew.


  1. great to be getting out,the trees the mushrooms,what a lovely time of year.this has been the first time ive posted as i couldnt get a google account but have been watching your exploits for quite a while, keep up the good work mate

  2. That first photo looks downright primordial. I expect to see a triceratops come walking through... absolutely beautiful work!