Thursday, 2 September 2010

Blogs of Note: Owd Fred (Countryman)

Here's a blog I found yesterday, 'Owd Fred (Countryman)' written by a farmer from a village close to where I live. In total there are just four posts, the most recent one written in June 2007. Each post is a poem. The writer introduces himself:
"Poems and verses from my own life experiences. Centered round my home, the farm, and the village and all the characters that lived and worked in the village when I was growing up. I have lived here all my life. Born at Brook House Farm, reared from the age of four at Beeches Farm, farmed at Church Farm from age of twenty one to age of forty, then moved to Yews Farm up to present day. All within the Parish of Seighford no more than a mile and half apart."
Here are two verses from another post-poem, 'I remember digging snow 1947' (the image above heads the poem, I've no doubt it's a snapshot from his own childhood):
All the men from in the village, started to dig the road,
Drifts for over a mile each way, they all toiled and strove,
To get the hay from barn to shed, out lying cattle to feed,
Even the tractors couldn’t move, or get to hog of swede

The village it was totally cut off, for about two days,
Us kids we dug up to houses, digging out the pathways
For this we got a piece, of home made cake with jam,
Or a drink of Corona pop, just a little dram.
The other poems - 'Field Names of Seighford' and 'A Tour of our Village' - are lovely, and all of them give a rather moving insight into English rural village life. The tiny blog and the poems it contains deserve more attention than they so far seem to have gathered. Do pay it a visit.


  1. I'm pleased to report that Owd Fred has started posting again! A fine post about the weather, food gathering on the farm he grew up in and his mother's cooking has recently appeared:
    Read it here.