Thursday, 2 July 2009

Petition Against Airgun Legislation in Scotland

I've just signed this petition. Here's the text from the 10 Downing Street site where the petition has been lodged. I'd like to urge all UK resident Rabbit Stew readers to sign, too.

The Calman Report recommends that The Scottish Parliament should be handed control of airgun legislation in Scotland. The Scottish Parliament will undoubtedly use this power to place a ban on unlicensed airguns in Scotland. This measure harms the legitimate sporting shooter and fails to address the real problem; that caused by unlawful use of airguns. Criminal use of airguns by its nature cannot be legislated against by removing airguns from those who abide by the law.

We believe that this ban will have an adverse effect on legitimate sporting shooting, and will provide no deterrent to those who misuse airguns. The Labour Party's own 'Charter for Shooting' (2005) recognises there is no connection between legitimate sporting shooting and gun crime. Airgun crime in Scotland has fallen according to the Gun Control Network's statistics from 1005 offences 15 years ago to 567 last year.

This new legislation would erode the civil liberties of sporting shooters in Scotland and fail to remove airguns from the hands of criminals.

We therefore petition you to refuse devolved power for Airgun legislation in Scotland.

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  1. This legislation was thought up by the MP Tommy Sheridan as a way of regaining his credibility to the public after a nasty exposure of his private life in the newspapers a few years back. He was caught out and now along with his wife, is facing serious perjury charges.
    The case is just about to hit the news so it would be a really good time for anyone who desires decency and honesty from their MPs to write to their local paper and expose this so called legislation for the snidey little scam that it is.

  2. It is hard to believe that national governments have the time or inclination to even ponder such legislation. Airguns for Goodness sakes, airguns! Back off you fools. GB shouold be about ready to revolt a second time....

  3. This is typical of the UK government, it happened with the pistol ban which solved nothing. I can well believe there will be a total UK ban.