Sunday, 5 July 2009

The Anti-Sex League?

Oh, I don't know - call me crazy - but looking again at the "Your daddy kills animals" leaflet, I have to say that something of what might be called a 'sub-text' suggests itself to me.

Maybe all those smoke-wreathed nights pouring over volumes of Freud in the company of my fellow black-polo-neck-jumper-wearing, bohemian crack-pots has led me to conjure phantasms where none exist?

Maybe I'm just reading too damn much into this - but...

But do you think it's possible that there's just the teeny-tiniest, smallest, quietest, most evanescent, barely-audible fleeting-bat-squeak of a hint of a (whisper it Hubert, oh dear god, whisper it!) sexual undertone to this picture?



  1. Hubert check out Brendan's blog, he's the fellow that is an animal rights activist that I find to be honest and respectful.  He has a post on animal rights and women or something to that effect that I have not had the time to see.
    ScreamingChickenActivist.blogspot I think

    Might be interesting.


  2. Riffing on this I might suggest (as a wild analysis, nothing more) that PeTA's sub-text regarding the man with the "knife" might be read as something like this:

    He has it and he uses it. His pleasure is an obscenity. Because of his pleasure, there is death (which might be a way of saying, 'his obscene pleasure creates the fallen world' - making him something of the demi-urge).

    We do not do this. We believe that we can place ourselves outside the fallen world. Therefore, we refuse to use it. We ref(use) it.

    He has it, but, equally, he might not have it. We can insist that he does not have it, does not use it. If he doesn't use it, perhaps there will not be death?

    If we do not use it, perhaps we can tell ourselves that we are not implicated in the (fallen) world? We can find a way out of the world by refusing it.

    So we must renounce the father. We must outlaw the father.

    Because of it - the cut which brings death (and around which there is pleasure) - there is also suffering.

    We renounce the pleasure of that which is tainted by the cut, by pleasure, by death: we renounce sex, we renounce the pleasure of the flesh, we abhor the flesh! (We are the Cathars, come join our gang! Refuse the flesh!)

    I might say in response (to this wholly imagined text which I've created and stuffed into PeTA's mouth):

    There is a use for the sword which is not obscene, which is not 'outside the law'.

    We are the ones who suffer the cut, not animals. Animals are not subject to the cut - they do not speak. We are subject to the cut and so for us, there is suffering and the possibility of sin - taking the wrong path in the fallen world.

    But there is a good way within the fallen world. You do not have to refuse  the world. There are guilty pleasures, but there is good pleasure also. The world is not wholly bad.

    I didn't say this: "I come not to bring peace, but a sword.

  3. Thanks Albert, he's obviously a nice bloke and I tried to leave a constructive comment on his blog (but the damned useless blogger comments system ate it and deleted it. Grrr! Well, he was spared a pile of gibberish from me so it's probably for the best!


  4. A very interesting analysis and a pleasure to read.  (But I must this a wholly imagined analysis laced with sarcasm and performing as a response to my questioning of textual interpretation? Or is this genuine?)

  5. Oh, a bit of both, maybe. I stress it's a wild analysis, it's not even that really. It's a riff.

    Your reading of the flyer as (potentially) a positive portrayal of fishermen (I say that because it's not a bad 'mummy' doing the gutting) is open-hearted - but some way from PeTA's intention, I'd hazard!

    Cheers, HH

  6. Excellent demi-urge point.

    You see, they're Manichees.

  7. You may very well be onto something there. 

  8. The Suburban Bushwacker6 July 2009 at 07:54

    That snuff is strong shit HH!

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